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Tru Top Tst®

Think Outside the Ball

Our exciting new system  for testing plumbing installations ensures the test is on the plumbing system, NOT on the test!

Simple, Safe and Easy to Use

Using a common and proven method for containing pressure, our patented tees come with a pre-installed "Pop Top" just like a tennis ball can. Why? Have you ever noticed that those cans hold pressure for years? Who would've thought that you could test plumbing system with that same method? Maybe, someone looking for a way to save time, money and ensure that the test lasted as long as needed. That'd be us!

No need for any other expensive test gear or additional labor. With pressure ratings of over 30 PSI, multi story installations can be tested  at once, without failure.

 It's as easy as, install the tee (just as you would with any test/ clean-out tee) where needed, complete the system, charge with water or air (if allowed by code), inspect the work If everything  is good and you passed inspection by the local authorities, release the pressure, remove the top, install the plug, next!

Tru Top Tst ®

Currently available:




Cast Iron Tees Coming Soon!

Meets ASTM D-2665 and D-2468 


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